Tovia offers you a unique opportunity to reach your maximum career potential while fostering your individual talents. We pride ourself on nurturing a creative environment where every team member is encouraged to pursue their professional and personal aspirations.


We are always looking for new, energetic talent to join our team. We use cutting edge technology and the brightest minds in the software engineering and programing world to deliver the best possible user experience to our customers.

If you enjoy working in a fast paced, high energy, collaborative environment, then please send us your information, we'd love to chat.

Who Are We Looking For?


Tovia offers competitive compensation and benefits commensurate with experience. There are no set vacation days, and we encourage our employees to take the time they need to develop their own interests and spend time with their friends and family. Any travel costs, hardware costs, software costs, or continuing educations costs (books, programs, etc) will be provided for you or you will be reimbursed.

You're part of our family now, so feel free to ask us for the things you need... you know, within reason. We make sure that our employees are happy, comfortable, and well taken care of. You work hard for us and we work hard for you.

What Do We Offer?


Sr. Full Stack Engineer

West Los Angeles, CA | ONSITE, FULL-TIME (FT)

• Product: One of the most successful online adult entertainment platforms in the world. The candidate will develop web properties that receive over a million unique visitors per day. Therefore, millions of customers will use the products you create.

• Why: Create web-apps with cutting-edge technologies working with experienced, successful entrepreneurs in a laidback environment. Our salaries are competitive with the largest tech companies in Los Angeles.

Stack: NodeJS, MySQL, Kafka, Docker

• Values: Self-Starter + Brilliant + Creative + Productive

* Minimum Requirements *
2 years experience of NodeJS
1 years experience of MySQL
3 years experience of Web Development
1 years experience of Linux env.

Experience with PHP

Email Marketing Designer

Candidate will support the marketing team by creating email templates utilized in multiple variations of transactional correspondence and sales campaigns. The candidate must be able to balance creativity and strategic thinking while demonstrating an ability to create visually compelling and highly engaging email campaigns.

Required Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities:

Proficiency in email design and HTML/CSS (ability to code emails)

1+ year experience working as a Designer.

Excellent design skills with the capacity to understand how the design translates into an effective email campaign.

Full knowledge of Photoshop, Illustrator, or equivalent and responsive HTML/CSS coding of email templates.

Ability to understand and maintain brand identities and their nuances across campaigns

Understanding of email marketing best practices (e.g. CAN-SPAM rules)

Design responsive mobile, tablet, desktop, and web client emails.

Experience in testing to improve performance in new or existing campaigns.

Research and develop innovations in email design

Excellent communication skills, including demonstrated proficiency in oral, writing and presentation abilities in a business-focused setting.

Ability to manage and prioritize multiple projects and work with tight deadlines in a fast paced environment.

Communicate proactively to confirm requirements, timelines and status on work requests.

Ability to work remotely on the same time zone as a team located in Los Angeles, California.

Preferred skills, but not required in copywriting and editing.


You will spend your days helping people use Tovia's products, crafting and editing helpful support documentation, troubleshooting, investigating, and creating detailed bug reports, and sharing your insight with our team. You must be a self-starter, have great communication skills, and be comfortable working from home.

Requirements include: excellent writing skills, a talent for taking technical information and relaying it to the layman, a passion for solving tricky problems and proposing quick (and helpful) solutions, a working knowledge of WordPress, CSS, and HTML, and most importantly you must have patience and a good sense of humor.

Mobile Developer

Take our existing products and projects to phones and tablets by creating cutting-edge mobile apps and the server-side technology required to run them.

Requirements include: Mobile experience developing user interfaces and low-level systems (such as networking and storage), experience developing and launching at least one app of high quality, a familiarity with backend technologies (backend development experiece is a plus but not a requirement), and strong programming skills in Objective-C, Java, and knowledge of development for iOS and/or Android. Must be a self-starter and comfortable working from home.

User Interface Designer

You will spend your time combining great design with incredible technology. As a user interface designer at Tovia you will be responsible for taking the amazing products our engineers create and building them into something that is beautiful and user friendly. You'll be developing your ideas into mockups, wireframes, and front-end code.

Requirements include: Experience designing web apps, working as a creative force, passionate about typography and style, understanding the mechanics of A/B testing and user testing, and the importance of a data-informed versus data-driven design philosophy. You must be skilled at writing your own front-end code (CSS, HTML, maybe even JavaScript) and your knowledge of web standards is always growing. You must be able to show us a portfolio of your work.

Systems Developer

We are always looking for great developers to help us solve a complex problems with out-of-the-box solutions. Tovia prides itself on delivering the fastest and more reliable user experience, which means eradicating problems as they come up.

Requirements include: Previous experience programming on Linux, troubleshooting skills, understanding of memory management, processes management, operating with sockets, writing optimized code, experience in systems administration, and an understanding of how basic web-related services function (such as load balancer, web servers, databases, catching daemons, etc.) Possessing great programming skills and knowledge of both compiled and scripted languages (specifically PHP, C, and Bash) is mandatory and Kernal space programming experience is welcomed but not required.


 171 Pier Ave #319

 Santa Monica, CA 90405